About us

Who are we?

Supply Chain Careers, LLC is the leading resource for supply chain students & professionals who are driven to advancing their careers. Simultaneously, we also serve as a resource for employers searching to source, hire, and retain top supply chain talent.

Supply Chain Careers was founded in 2021 by three different supply chain industry leaders with diverse backgrounds -

Rodney Apple, Mike Ogle, and Hinesh Patel.


What we do?

Supply Chain Careers helps you and your team get the most out of talent. We help professionals and students learn about the vast world of supply chain careers, whether they work in planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics or other functions that help supply chains operation and thrive. We also help employers improve their ability to hire, develop and retain supply chain talent.


How do we do it?

We provide a vast array of career-enhancing resources for supply chain professionals, students and employers. Want to learn how to improve your job search? We’ve got you covered. Want to learn how you can build a more effective team under you? We can help. And we do so much more!


What resources do we provide?


Come explore what we have to offer and learn how to elevate the talent in your organization. We strive to serve as a lifelong partner for you and your teams! Join our Supply Chain Community to get started!